EnviroScape Presentation

The Knox County SCD Staff has been making FREE demonstrations to Knox County school groups for the past 40 years using the Enviroscape, our watershed model. The Enviroscape helps us to teach people of all ages what a watershed is and why soil and water conservation is so important! We are currently working to tailor this presentation to fit the needs of the classroom and provide an interactive way for kids to easily grasp earth science concepts!


** We also present to younger and older classes, as well as various groups and clubs! **





Our mission is to work with teachers to incorporate watershed and water pollution concepts into the required curriculum of Knox County schools. We provide a unique and highly visual demonstration to student groups of all ages, covering water cycle topics including watersheds, water pollution, soil erosion, and conservation, among others. We help to empower students by giving them tools to stop water pollution at home and in their community.



“Your vision is inspirational, I believe that with time we will be able to raise up a more environmentally aware generation.”  – Third Rock Consultants/mother of child at Hardin Valley Elementary

“Thank you so much for taking the time to come share your program with our first graders! It was FABULOUS! We were very impressed!” – West Hills Elementary




Additional Information

     The lesson covers relevant vocabulary that correspond to 4th and/or 5th grade curriculum requirements and includes handouts (word games, water cycle diagrams, pollution fact sheets) and homework/extra credit opportunities that can act as either an introduction or further support of what has already been covered. The students get excited about the interactive nature of both the EnviroScape and the Sediment Survival game, and are able to easily understand earth science concepts and the importance of natural resource conservation after hearing our presentation.

     Our aim in reaching out to Knox County schools is to educate children on the importance of soil and water conservation.  If you would like more information or to schedule a time for us to come and visit your classroom, please contact us at 865-523-3338 x 3 or email us using the form at the bottom of the page.


See our Educational Resources page for information on handout options for teachers, and games for students!






We are  constantly seeking to improve this program, and welcome any suggestions you may have!


For More Information, contact us:

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