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Take a look at the options below for both in class and homework/extra credit opportunities. We are happy to bring any of the following to help our presentation better fit your classroom goals. Just let us know your choice, and how many students via email or the form at the bottom of this page. Thank you!



In Class Lesson Materials:

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Vocabulary Options for the lesson (4th Grade "Atmosphere" Standard, 5th Grade "Interdependence" Standard options)

Vocabulary Options

Diagrams Aid understanding of the Water Cycle.


Pollution Fact Sheet

Pollution Fact Sheet

Definition/Question Sheet Students can fill out during the presentation to help them retain the lesson.



Homework/Extra Credit Options:

WhoBuddies: The Great Soil Discovery Comic/Activity booklet from NRCS


 Click on the images above and below to see an enlargement.

Earth's Bright Future Activity booklet from NACD                                


Activity Booklet CoverEarth's Bright Future Example Page 


Land-Use Fact Matching


Drawing BMPs                                                   


Crossword   Wordbank provided.                                                                                    

Your Stormwater Pollution Potential Calculate how Stormwater Savvy you are with this easy checklist!

Pre- & Post-Presentation Essay


Single Post-Presentation Essay






Let us know which of these work best for your classroom! Be sure to include

the number of copies needed. Thank you!


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