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Clipart Soil Profile

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Explore Watersheds DiscoverWater.org


The Water Cycle Activity Discover Water.org


Use Water Wisely DiscoverWater.org


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The Dirt on Soil: Soil Safari Discovery Education

A toxic chemical has spilled and is making its way through the underground water. It will destroy this meadow and the life in its soil unless you can find something to stop it! Take a microscopic safari in the EarthShip and save the meadow!



Creek Cleanup National Geographic

How much trash can you scoop out of the creek? Race against the clock to get the creek as clean as you can!



Stash the Trash Discovery Kids

Help Jimi clean the beach. Stash at least 60% of the trash to get to the next level!



Trash Smash NOAA

This game is the ultimate trash chase and pickup challenge. Try to dispose of the marine debris correctly and help clean up the environment.






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